Free Observation of Lessons

All the classes are available for an observation.(except,sparring class & open mat time)
Booking is not necessary for an observation.
But please have a contact with us by call or e-mail in advance, just in case if the gym is not open that day.

Reservation or Inquiry is from HERE.

Free Trial Session

1 time only for each person, You are welcome to join our free trial session before signing up for the membership.
Please have a contact with us by call or e-mail in advance for appointment.
Personal ID is required and should be presented on the same day.
Bring a towel, water, and clothe which is without any metal parts for changing.
If you have a Judo Gi or Jiu-Jitsu Gi, please bring it.
Or Free Training uniform (Jiu-Jitsu Gi) can be borrowed at Master Japan Fukuoka for a trial.
*Free trial is for Jiu-Jitsu beginner class,Jiu-Jitsu class and kick boxing class in day time & night time.
(Kids Jiu-Jitsu class , Kids MMA class are suitable as a trial for kids age.)
*Free Trial Session is only for people who have not trained at Master Japan Fukuoka before, or people who are thinking to join as a member.
This offer is valid to this residents of Fukuoka ,Japan.
Overseas residents are able to join the class as a visitor(drop in).

Reservation or Inquiry is from Here.

This Free Trial Session is a safe and easy class aimed for beginners. It is suitable for those who are not confident in sport activities.
Master Japan Fukuoka can accommodate various needs such as weight-loss, good health, self-defense and other personal desires.
Why not personally experience martial arts you often see on TV shows and magazines.
We welcome all kind of people, from students, children, ladies, elders to businessmen who could do some easy exercise.
If you have interest, we encourage you to take this opportunity of Free Trial Session to experience Jiu-Jitsu for yourself.

Tourist (Visitor) & Drop-In

Non-members are welcomed to the gym. Casual drop-in will be charged 3000YEN / 1 day.
Short Stay will be charged 8000YEN / 2 weeks.
You are able to attend all class in a day / week.

Reservation / Inquiry