Enrollment Fee :5,000YEN

Male Member:12,000YEN Male Member can attend any class of the month without any restrictions. (except kids class)
Female Member:10,000YEN Female Member can attend any class of the month without any restrictions. (except kids class)
Student Member:8000YEN Any student member is eligible for this plan.(This plan is for under 30 years old.)
Kids Member:6,000YEN 6 -15 years old kids are eligible for this plan. Junior High school student can attend all classes.
Primary school student can only attend all kids classes.
Pre-Instructor or
Pre-Professional member:5,000YEN
Interview is required for this member plan started.
Platinum member:17,000YEN Member can attend any class of the month without any restrictions. (except kids class)
Free rental Gi & Towel & Sports wear is available.
Family member(2 persons):16,000YEN 16,000YEN is total amount of 2 persons.
Family member(3 persons):16,500YEN 16,500YEN is total amount of 3 persons.
Family member(4 persons):18,000YEN 18,000YEN is total amount of 4 persons.

[Extra Option]

◎ Visitor) & Drop-In 3,000YEN / 1 day
8,000YEN / 2 weeks

You are able to attend all class in a day. Casual drop-in!
Advance contact is required.
◎Partnership Gym System 【About partnership gym system】
We ,Master Japan Fukuoka,Master Japan Tokyo and Hong Kong Jiu-Jitsu make a partnership gym system.
Each gym member is a possible to use other partnership gym as visitor by free of charge.
※Advance contact to an instructor is required.
※Maximum period of this system is for one month.
If you stay for over one month , please choose the normal admission procedure of each gym.
◎ Rental Training Uniform (Gi) 1,000YEN / 1 time
If you do not want to carry the heavy Gi to work and gym, you do not have to. We offer training jacket (Gi) for rental.
◎ Rental T-shirts Service 330YEN / 1 time
◎ Rental Half Pants Service 330YEN / 1 time
◎ Rental Towel Service 210YEN/ Big & Small Towel Set Rental (160YEN / Big Towel , 100YEN / Small Towel)
◎ Private Lesson Kuniyoshi Hironaka 15,000YEN / 60 mins Makoto Aramaki 15,000YEN / 60 mins
We have a special package for private lesson. Please contact us in advance for special arrangement.

What You Need to Bring to Join Master Japan Fukuoka.

1. Enrollment Fee 5,000YEN
2. Two Monthly Membership Fee prepaid in Cash
*Membership fee for the first two months, please pay in cash on the date of enrollment. Membership fee from 3rd month will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account throughout Gold’s Gym Jaccs credit card system.
(except 6 months /1 year in advance cash payment member)

3. A completed Application Form (※Available at the Gym)
*Guardian’s signature is compulsory for people who are under 20.

4. A completed Application Form for Auto-pay (※Available at the Gym)
*Monthly Membership Fee for Master Japan Fukuoka are processed through monthly automatic bank transfers(Auto-payment) from member’s bank account. It usually takes for two months from the member’s registration for the banking information to be processed. Therefore, members will be asked to pay for the first two months of membership at the gym in cash. From the third month, membership fee will be withdrawn automatically from members’ bank accounts throughout Gold’s Gym Jaccs credit card system.

5. Official Personal ID with Photo

One-Time Cash Payment in Advance System(Enrollment Fee 5000YEN)

We also have a One-Time cash payment for 6 months or 1 year plan in addition to normal plan.
If you do not have bank account to set for the membership in Japan, please choose this plan.

6 Monthly in Advance Payment Yearly in Advance Payment
Male Member 69,000YEN/6m 132,000YEN/y
Female Member 57,500YEN/6m 110,000YEN/y
Student Member 46,000YEN/6m 88,000YEN/y
Kids Member 34,500YEN/6m 66,000YEN/y
Pre-Instructor or Pre-Professional Member 28,750YEN/6m 55,000YEN/y
Platinum Member 97,750YEN/6m 187,000YEN/y
Family member(2 persons) 92,000YEN/6m 176,000YEN/y
Family member(3 persons) 94,875YEN/6m 181,500YEN/y
Family member(4 persons) 103,500YEN/6m 198,000YEN/y

Free Observation of Lessons

All the classes are available for visiting.
Booking is not necessary but please call or e-mail in advance,
just in case if the gym is not open that day.
It is also recommended to visit Master Japan Fukuoka at normal class time when the sparring class & open mat time is not in session.

Reservation or Inquiry is from HERE.

Free Trial Session

1 time only for each person, You are welcome to join our free trial session before signing up for the membership.
Please call or e-mail in advance for appointment and should be presented on the same day.
Personal ID is required and should be presented on the same day.
Bring a towel, water, and clothe which is without any metal parts for changing.
If you have a Judo Gi or Jiu-Jitsu Gi, please bring it.
Or Free Training uniform (Jiu-Jitsu Gi) can be borrowed at Master Japan Fukuoka for trial.
*Free Trial Session is only for people who have not trained at Master Japan Fukuoka before, or people who are not overseas residents.
This offer is valid to this residents of Japan.

Reservation or Inquiry is from HERE.